What we do

Our dream of starting DARWIN YOUTH COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY ignited when we observed high rate of street life of idle youth coupled with rampant crime rate including knife crimes in our community. Darwin youth has contributed to reduction in number of street fights and crimes by giving youth free advice, pastoral support and counselling support by our Lecturers,nurses and councillors.

Darwin youth community interest company (DYCIC) has helped to support a lot of people with mental health issues and scientific hands on job experience. We have given various support for free to those who have lost love ones due to recent covid 19 pandemics. We have stretch forth our hands to the poor and needy in our community by leasing with other charity organisations nearby, to support people not only in our communities but also some areas in the third world countries. Our members have been in Ethiopia, Tanzania,Liberia, Ghana and Sudan to support the unfortunate ones by doing free cataract operations to people with eye issues found begging in the street.

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